COMMETAS started in 2017 as an agency, representing unique fashion and lifestyle brands for kids and families. Developing a strong relationship with leading brands and retailers in the kid´s fashion and lifestyle industry and being aware of today´s needs, COMMETAS Marketplace has emerged as a circular fashion business maintaining its initial goal to nurture and to grow high-potential and purpose –driven brands with a story to share and now with the additional goal to deliver marvelous brands directly to the world as the world’s conscious luxury fashion and lifestyle destination for kids and families.

Advocate of innovation, COMMETAS delivers the ultimate curation of products and content through its digital channels, providing a unique shopping experience while at the same time the COMMETAS  community (designers, brands, retailers, customers) contributes to a better world.




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social responsibility

"We feel an enormous responsibility with the world that surrounds us, especially the children. We are very grateful having the support of our brands to make small contributions helping to make the world a better place for those who are not so fortunate".