Welcome to commetas

COMMETAS started in 2017 as an agency, representing unique fashion and lifestyle brands for kids and families. Developing a strong relationship with leading brands and retailers in the kid´s fashion and lifestyle industry and being aware of today´s needs, COMMETAS Marketplace has emerged as a circular fashion business maintaining its initial goal to nurture and to grow high-potential and purpose –driven brands with a story to share and now with the additional goal to deliver marvelous brands directly to the world as the world’s conscious luxury fashion and lifestyle destination for kids and families.

Advocate of innovation, COMMETAS delivers the ultimate curation of products and content through its digital channels, providing a unique shopping experience while at the same time the COMMETAS  community (designers, brands, retailers, customers) contributes to a better world.


At COMMETAS, we are committed in providing high quality products to our customers from the best luxury and sustainable brands on the market. As a circular fashion business, we work everyday to contribute for a positive and meaningful change, creating awareness in our community and bringing new ways to discover and explore the fascinating fashion world, while being world-conscious and environmentally responsible.

How it started...

I have always been a curious person; I have an utter fascination for new challenges, sometimes unnecessary ones ;) I always seek them, and I cannot stay calm. Probably this is what I enjoy the most about the fashion industry, its agility. It is always challenging, and in constant movement, you never get bored, and there is always room for improvement.

The agility of the industry, however, has its difficulties too. After spending many seasons in this industry, we have witnessed how this speed causes enormous amounts of new and not-sold items and immense damage to the whole chain, resulting in dead stocks and fashion waste and, consequently, in unsatisfactory profitability of the businesses.

The shocking overproduction and waste facts from the industry and my fascination for fashion made me realize that our old business model has to be renewed. It had to evolve into something with a future mindset.... something more sustainable, more conscious, and circular but with the same quality, design, and care as we did before and thus emerged as Commetas Marketplace.

We gave a new turn to our old business model, and instead of continuing to collaborate to produce more stocks, we decided to work with what is already there; fantastic pieces, ready to be loved.

What is COMMETAS MARKETPLACE? It is a circular fashion business. It is a conscious and luxury destination for customers like you that appreciate high quality and design, also from older collections, even pre-loved—a place with unique and marvelous pieces from an impeccably curated selection of brands.

Sustainability, quality, consciousness, style, and circularity are what define us, and we are happy to share it with YOU.

Welcome to Commetas,

Adriana B.

Did you know?

​100 billion garments ​are produced
each year.

7 times in average, a garment is worn before ​being thrown away.

The equivalent of 1 ​garbage truck of textiles is wasted every second.